Simple thought on writing

Summary of my writing notes

  1. Organize your thought by careful planning before you write.
  2. know your target words and line count
  3. understand your audience and profiling of their needs.
  4. make yourself familiar with the context in which your writing will appear.
  5. get honest focused feedback on your writing
  6. write first, ignore the grammar and organization for later (editing stage). Just keep on writing at first.
  7. Start on the section where you are most comfortable.
  8. Editing means adjusting your content, layout, balance and flow.
  9. Remember, while editing, double / triple check all facts or consult with the author (if its other than yourself) about potential changes or questions
  10. Proof-reading is at the end of the writing process. It is for misspellings, incorrect punctuation, layout verification, numbering and the like.
  11. Editing a printed document is more efficient than editing on a computer screen.
  12. Even if you’re a pro, you would still need to have someone else check your work.



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