How to write business reports?

Next stop, what’s the trick in writing reports?

Business executive write a whole lot of reports almost on daily basis since corporate decision makers reply on these reports for making a range of decisions, such as whether to support a project, approve funding or even hire a personnel.

Therefore, writing a good report is essential skills nowadays. Writing a good report requires planning thoroughly, obtaining relevant reference materials and resources, and carrying out thoughtful editing. Before we begin, identify the report’s objectives, audience, purpose and due dates.

Remember to consider your recipients’ perspectives, requirements, biases and areas of expertise.

First, collect primary and secondary data to support your case. Allow ample time for research if possible.

  • write the body of the report before you draft the introduction to ensure that your intro will be able to emphasize the main points.
  • Organize your data into easy on the eyes charts and diagram. Make sure the data are palatable to your audience.
  • Highlight 2-3 major points.
  • Then, compose clear headlines and sub-headlines.
  • Add a comprehensive “Executive summary” – this is the intro which you would summarize your key points. This is definitely one of the most important section because at times, it the only section that people read.
  • Edit for length to ensure that each sentence and paragraph adds meaning.
  • Last, end with a wrap-up of your main points.

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