How to write for blog & Case studies?

Now, lets discuss further on ‘how to write’ with blog and case studies writing coming up next . . .

Writing blogs and case studies is just like web copy, the text in blogs and feature stories follows a diamond shape, with the bulk of the content in the middle.

Now, in order for the blog to be engaging, it needs to be entertaining, relatable, newsworthy or informative. In short, give followers a reason to read your blog posts by providing new angle or approach a topical subject that’s already on their minds. For this, we need to develop a strong storyline.

Capture your readers and potential readers interest by recounting stories that spring from common ground, such as a shared experience or a situation many readers might face. Write your text to flow from beginning to end. Use descriptions, rhythm and wordplay, if possible end with a satisfying close. Conclusion on the other hand can wrap things up, recap the main points, provide readers with something to think about or suggest future possibilities.

People relate more strongly to story telling in comparison to research and data. Case studies, examples, testimonials, and quotes can inspire readers’ imaginations. Collecting accurate quotes can be tedious as well as time consuming, but surely it’s worth the time and effort to do so. In some cases, you could save time by drafting a quote or comments for a client approval.

For example,

“Good product quality”

“Good value for money”

“Excellent customer service”

“Fast delivery”

These are the default product review quotes on Shopee, a platform which I market my business. Sure, the default setting is also 5 out 5 stars.

It helps, most of the time, people is just too ‘lazy’ to actually change it.

This quotes most of the time is can be customized. So, if you decided to customized the reviews, make sure to limit quotes to one or two lines, and shorten the typical long quotes while being careful not to change the speakers’ wording or meaning.


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