Writing, a way to engage others


Simple, we need to appeal to people’s senses to engage their emotions. This refers to colors, smells and sounds when describing a scene. “Similes, analogies and metaphors” make an unfamiliar idea easy to understand. These are the lines which make a written words come alive.

  • A simile, such as “he’s as hungry as a horse,” compares one thing to another, using the words such as “like” or “as”.
  • An analogy compares something familiar to something unfamiliar or unexpected, such as “Our desires are just like a deep black hole, regardless how much we tried to fill them with materialistic things, we will never truly fulfill our desires”.
  • Metaphors use imagery, for example, like “the rate race”.

With these technique, your writing would be able to make your readers smile, hence, making it much more memorable. Remember to use humor judiciously, because the appeal of a joke is subjective. Alliteration, repetition and rhythm also make your material more memorable.

appeal to people’s senses to engage their emotion


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