Strategies to excel at drop shipping business


  • Test the water first: As a method to screen potential drop shipper. Before you begin using a drop shipper, test their shipping time and presentation by placing an order addressed to yourself. Continue to carry out occasional test orders to make sure standards are being maintained.
  • Choose to stand out: Rewrite the provided titles & descriptions so you stand out from everyone else who’ll be using them!
  • Make sure your mindset is right on track: Don’t think of drop shipping as being a no-hassle get-rich-quick scheme. Instead, think of it as a supplier system that provides great benefits, but also presents challenges that need to be tackled.
  • Keep note on the stock inventory: Contact the drop shipper each week by phone or email to check up on supply levels.
  • If you want to minimize risk: Keep two or three items on hand in case of back order issues. This will allow you to fulfill current orders and keep customers happy (and your feedback score high!).

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