Well, it’s KISS, not kiss.

KISS is an acronym which means “Keep it simple, stupid”.

Ops. I was mistaken. KISS actually meant “Keep It Short and Simple”.

That is the foundation of effective business writing. Be concise, use familiar language and get to the point quickly. The choices you make while writing communicate a certain tone of voice and highlight your organization’s values.

Make sure to make it clear that you’re “honest, friendly and principled” or “reliable, proactive and knowledgeable”. Writing styles range from formal to informal, familiar to reserved, and energetic to restrained.

These mode are set by your vocabulary and grammar.

Next, focus on the rhythm and cadence of your writing by varying your sentence length and noticing how your words sound when you read them aloud. Long sentences connote an academic bent, while short sentences are more conversational.

Avoid overusing contractions and abbreviations as well as visual sentence dividers, such as dashes and colons.

Learn the difference between active and passive voice.

  • Active voice tells readers “who did what.” ” The committee presented a report” is an example for active voice.
  • Passive voice on the other hand is used when you don’t want to attribute an action to particular party, example, “A man has been shot in the park”.

Now, that’s a KISS.


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