How to write “Readers First”

Write with your audience’s perspective in mind.

Many writers unknowingly prioritize their organization’s attributes instead of focusing on the subject that matters most to their clients. The key point is to enable your readers to find the information that addresses their needs.

  • Lists such as ” 5 benefits of sponsorship” or ” 5 reasons for choosing us” make advice easy to find and digest.
  • Avoid jargon and acronyms. Unless your audience speaks the same lingo
  • Consider the medium people will be using – this would govern your fonts, size, charts, images, etc
  • Placement: no one size fits all, for example, the writing on a web page should differ from that in a newspaper or magazine

Marketing messages is everywhere nowadays. This make standing out from the clutter is a challenge. We are just to distracted. So, if your medium is Facebook, ask yourself, what would be reason why people would stopped scrolling endlessly in their newsfeed and actually read your message / content / post. A hard question indeed.

One of the technique which might works is to link your message to something topical, which can be an issue or story that is already top-of-mind. Appeal to people’s emotions by showing how your product or service solves a problem, addresses a fear, fulfills a dream or makes someone feel loved.

Easy example would that of weight loss supplement.

Marketeer usually offers a ‘dream-like’ solution to an almost impossible problem. Why? People want to be fit and healthy, it just that they love to eat and hates working out. So, instead of telling them the truth, they just sell them the ‘dream’.



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