How to write for the ‘web’?

A simple note on how to write for the web.

Writing for a website is a little bit tricky because it would requires oneself to understand how people read online.

Most users scan pages instead of reading each work, others just speed reading through the articles looking for key points or something that of interest to them. Therefore, I myself need to remember this when I post my next article.

In addition, post a few concise, strongly worded messages on your website’s home page and make it easy for people to find what they seek. For a business entity, it would be a good idea to include one sentence describing what your business or organization does. Many companies have a slogan or “strapline” that summarizes their goal. For example, Nike’s “Just Do It” and BMW’s “Ultimate Driving Machine”.

Make your webpage easy-to -skim by using clear headlines and logical subheads (H2,H3…), visually friendly fonts, and attractive graphics and images. Another way to boost your website’s usability is by organizing information into bullet points, posing questions and writing in first or second person sentences.

Feel free to add more information on the tips if you have one. Thanks.


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