Misconception on writing stuff

Yes, purposely add ‘stuff’ in the header to make it a bit less formal.

Now, let’s discuss on general misconceptions on writing. Yes, I’m not that good of a writer either, I’m still a work in progress.

Now, you probably haven’t received any training in writing since you were in school. In my case, the one and only course I’ve taken which has remotely any resemblance of a proper writing course was ‘Professional Communications & Writing” in my university life. Hugely boring, but would be one of the most beneficial course I’ve taken so far. One that I’ve used almost every day.

For most, our education probably didn’t prepare us for a proper writing skill especially on business writing. Business writing such as reports, marketing materials or even articles for your company’s website. At best, most of us probably have written academic papers and essays which follows a structure that starts with a statement of purpose or a thesis, then followed by support of the thesis, methodology and results, and of course, a conclusion. In contrast, business writing opens with the conclusion – that is the benefit statement of your proposal.

Novice writers share a certain tendencies which includes adopting a formal tone, copying someone else’s writing style and using extra bombastic big words when common words read more fluidly. (an example of novice would be the use of ‘extra bombastic’ in the previous sentence, it make the whole sentence much more mouthful). Another example, using the word “endeavor” instead of “try”.

In order to deliver impactful written message, stay true to your own voice. Use natural, conversational words.

Remember, the goal is to keep people reading to the end of your piece, so your writing must be able to engage your audience.

Keep them on the ‘hook’.


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