Book Review: Business Writing Tips

Book Title: Business Writing Tips, For easy and effective results

By Robert Bullard, Perfect Text (2015)

Key Points from the book:

Robert Bullard, professional writer assures you that writing is a skill you can learn and master. Here, he lay out the basics of business writing in an organized, easy-to-understand format that includes do’s and don’ts with easy to understand examples and exercise.


His mainly covers what you need to know to write press release, marketing text, reports, blog posts, and the like.

Summary of my notes

  • Truth: Business writing follows a different set of rules and practices than the principles of style and grammar you learned in school.
  • 1st Step: Define your article’s objectives, target audience, order and flow 1st before you even begin to write.
  • Audience: Learn what the people in your target audience care about and write from their perspective.
  • KISS: That’s the formula for effective business writing. KISS refers to “Keep It Short and Simple)
  • Tone: Make sure that the tone of voice you used reflect your organization’s values and traits of your organization product and service. Your tone must by all means, shows and demonstrate your absolute confidence in your organization services and products. That’s the reason, why if you works for Coco-cola, you shouldn’t drink anything else in public except Coco-cola.
  • Copy: With respect to copy writing, follow the “AIDCA” formula, “Attention, Interest, Desire, Conviction and Action”. (on these, different author might varied slightly on formulas for copy writing)
  • Solve their problems: In order to appeal for people’s emotions, we need to demonstrate how your product or service would be able to solves your customers problem, address a fear, fulfills a dream or makes someone feel loved.
  • Web-page: Effective web pages have clear headlines, logical subheads, easy-to-read fonts, and attractive graphics and images. (lessons learn for my blog – most definitely)
  • Story telling: People relate more strongly to stories than to research and data.
  • Business reports: A good business report requires proper planning, organization and thoughtful editing.


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