RESULTS guideline for Social Media Marketing

Social media let you get in contact with your prospect without actually meeting them. The main benefit, in my opinion is the ability to showcase yourself to your potential client on a regular basis and stay in close touch with them at no cost, or as in blogging, increase your site’s visibility by making it more appealing to search engine algorithm. 

Remember, social media is not just for the young ones, people of all ages use it, and the platform is expanding, and not to mention evolving and also, there’s always a new one coming up. Listen and ride the wave well.

In the age of 4th industrial, adaptability is an essential skills for everyone. Any business or individual whom failed to adapt, might be obsolete overnight.

So, here’s is the RESULT guideline for social media marketing.

  1. [R] Re-commit to marketing : If your previous effort bust-up, try again.
  2. [E] Expect success : Drown out the negativity with abundance of positive energy. Sound complex. Yes I know. Just find your ‘Why’ and you should be fine.
  3. [S] Seek partners: A support system. A quote I love about this is this, “if you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together”. In the long run, you need the support system.
  4. [U] Understand your audience: Make a thorough research about your customer avatar, focus on what your customer want, not what you want to sell. Customer-centric approach is required.
  5. [L] Look for win-win scenarios: especially if you are a service provider. Bad mouthing the other guy (your competitors) won’t make you look better.
  6. [T] Take strategic action: Remember Deming Cycle,PDCA, Plan-Do-Check-Act, meaning always plan your strategic, execute them, check and analyses their effectiveness and re-do them again, in an better and improved way.
  7. [S] Stay visible: Maintain a constant presence online. That’s mean, regular content posting. If I wasn’t mistaken, GaryVee suggest posting a minimum of 8 content per day. I still finding it hard to execute, 8 is high ask, but nevertheless, let’s give it our best effort.


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