30 Days to Social Media Success (Book Review)

Title: 30 days to social media success, The 30 days results guide to making the most of twitter, blogging, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Good read based on the book “30 days to social media success”, by Gail Z.Martin.

Key Notes and Personal Remarks:

  1. Social media now is a fact of life online. Not just for the millennial, the 20-something, but it’s popular with all age group. Even my friends who already more than 50-something also have their own social media accounts, and some of the are more advance in their knowledge and application of these social media in comparison to me. Just realized that I’m quite lagging on these. Wow.
  2. Social media can help anyone market their products, professional services or non-profit cause. Albeit, marketing online still require significant amount of investment (although not as expensive as conventional marketing, it’s still not cheap). Need proper knowledge and a mentor whom done and walk down the path. Else, prepare to learn as you go, in my experience, trial and error experience is rather costly. To maximize lessons learned from this, remember the Deming Cycle of continuous improvement, PDCA , Plan – Do – Check – Act. Or also known as Kaizen.
  3. Put in (at least) 30 minutes daily for 30 days to start your online marketing campaign. And remember don’t be disheartened if the results doesn’t go the way you want, remember, record your actions and results, repeat the continuous improvement cycle of PDCA.
  4. In your planning phase, plan (PLAN) your social media marketing to fit and serve your goals (DO), then learn (CHECK) and begin to use these social media sites, then consolidates your online marketing with other efforts (ACT).
  5. Use your social media accounts to keep in touch regularly with your prospect and customers. Also, additional remark, GaryVee suggest that we just update our social media regularly, a kind of recording, not just planned content, making the content more humane, native and at the same time, relevant to our target audience. One of the quotes I love about marketing is, “Marketing is best when it doesn’t feel like marketing,” and “marketing is just like flirting”. Too bad, I terrible at flirting. Else, I might be so much better at marketing.
  6. Now, remember that your content must be native to the social media, meaning, that it shall not be off-putting. How? Create meaningful and engaging conversation with your online prospects and customers, but avoid a hard-sell approach. Nobody like that. Remember, it’s just like flirting.
  7. You must find your so called “real voice” to tell compelling stories online. A good story sells !
  8. Most of the social media options are ideal for marketing, including the likes of blogging, forums and chats to established websites such as Facebook, twitter and YouTube. In addition, tumblr, pinterest, snapchat and Instagram could also works well. Depending on how we used them. However, each of these social media has their own setting and native environment, remember that one content might works wonders for Facebook, but might sucks terribly on Instagram and Tumblr. Different social media, different setting and audience.

Notes based on

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