Lead right for your company?

Note taking points from Lead Right for Your Company’s Type, by William E. Schneider

  1. Enterprises fall into four different types:
    1. Customized: customized organizations design and deliver their product and/or services based on customer’s specific requirement. Hence, it is customized.
    2. Best-in-class: BIC firms create and sell top rated quality products and/or services.
    3. Enrichment: Enrichment enterprise focused on improving the lives of their customers.
    4. Predictable & dependable: predictable and dependable offers and known for delivering a basic and reliable product and/or services.
  2. Each firm is a “living people system” made up of leaders, employees and customers.
  3. Leaders must adapt their leadership style to the type of enterprise they lead.
  4. Most business experts incorrectly believe that a great management idea will work well for all firms. I think the management style should suit those whom being lead. It’s more of a mix and match rather than one size fit all.
  5. Companies make “core promises” to their customers and should give their employees the conditions they need to deliver on those promises. Never made promises that you cannot deliver.
  6. Leaders should have a “system-centric” mind-set, not an “individual-centric” one. Which means focusing on the type of enterprise you really lead, not on the type you think you lead and not on the individuals you lead. Lead the enterprise as a whole, but treat everyone as an unique individuals.



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