WordPress Ads Revenue

Just in case someone would like to be blogging for money by using wordads.

Here is a summary of my personal experience.

It have been almost 1 year since I’m back blogging. The main idea was that I’m going to record my daily learning notes, and anything that I deemed worthy of remembering, I decided to give WordPress Ads (WordAds) a shot.

I have a lot of journals, which becoming space consuming. So, I need a more space friendly solution to keep and maintain my journals and notes. Well, the solution was blogging.

So, it is approximately a year since I started actively blogging again (although at the beginning was not as regular as I would like to) when I was busy with my online business during my free time. Therefore, once my business was up and running with little intervention from me, I focused on my personal development again.

Therefore, the main question is, how much did I earned from my wordAds?

Not that much, not much at all. $2.74 to be exact. LOL.

But since it was never meant to be anything more than just a hobby, I pretty much couldn’t care less and to be honest, I was rather happy when I got my first $0.01. Just got to appreciate those little moments of happiness here and there.

earnings wordpress adwords.PNG

Maybe my blog has yet to get enough traction to be making money from wordads. But nonetheless, writing now is my hobby, in addition to my online business, it just a means to keep me occupied and a means to share my notes to the world.

And hopefully, my notes would be of some benefits to others as well as to keep my notes in a single point of repository. It is easier to locate that way.

So, if you know of any other means to make money blogging, please feel free to share.

That’s all from me, till next time.

With love,


p.s. Maybe I would make a similar post next year, by then, who knows I made more.


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