How People Learn to Become Managers

What involved in becoming a new manager?

Becoming a manager would means coming to terms with the difference between the myth of management and the reality, the difference between your ideals and the way things actually are. One of my friends once said “ Not my circus, not my monkey” when asked about the prospect of becoming my manager. I would honestly admit, I’m rather difficult to handle or manage, but I believe I’m efficient at getting things done. Beside, nowadays, leadership is more about how you would be able to influence people rather than one’s position of authority. Influence is the new modern definition of leadership.

Based on my study (most of them from observations and books), when someone first became managers, they were very focused on their level of authority (their rights) and privileges which come with the promotion. But they son discovered that their formal authority is a very limited source of power, and if that the only power they wield, they are in for a tough time. Why? Because their subordinates won’t necessarily listen to them. And peers and bosses, over whom new managers have no formal authority, play an important role in whether or not managers succeed either in form of mentoring or empowerment. Regardless, the new manager would need to gain the trust and loyalty of his subordinates, or in other words, he or she needs to ensure his/her influence over his subordinates.

Two sets of responsibility that a new manager need to adapt to:

  1. Managing your team
  2. Manage the context within you teams resides. That is managing your boundaries of relationship between your team and other stakeholders of your organization (other teams or people inside and outside of your organization)

Therefore, a new manager shouldn’t only focus only on your team, look up and around manage the context. Don’t make your teams go with “It’s us against them” mentality. That would hurt yourself, your team and also your organization in the long run.

Psychological transformation of a new Manager

  1. You go from being an individual contributor whom main focus is your own sustainability and performance, who is relatively independent, to being a network builder.
  2. You go from being very technically oriented–fairly narrowly focused–to being someone who’s responsible for setting the agenda for the group. Or setting the course for your group.

Changes takes time, and as same as me, we need to keep on learning and improving ourselves.

Well, that’s it for now, will share more once I learnt more. And hopefully we all can improve on daily basis, even 1% daily improvement in the long run would be extremely monumental.

Till then, assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.


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