Blessed Income and wealth

In the pursuit of worldly goods, at times we might been ‘forced’ to endure the things which destroyed the blessing in our earnings and wealth. Nowadays, large mansions, gorgeous cars, fashionable and luxurious lifestyles are usually regarded as the measuring stick of one’s success, rather than something which are less tangible such as happiness or peace of mind, which of course much more important. These pursuit of wealth regardless of  legality and moral compass is the reason why disgusting acts like corruption still exist, with the theme to ‘facilitate’ transaction is usually used.

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Once I heard a lecture, where a retired uniformed officer asked the question, “Why are my children are some troublesome?”. After pondering the question, the teacher asked, “Did you ever taken a bribe?” The questioner admitted, “Yes, because my basic salary is too low.” So teacher responded, that the money was the reason that had destroyed his family.

Allah (SWT) said: ” And do not eat up your property among yourselves for vanities, nor use it as bait for the judges, with intent that ye may eat up wrongfully and knowingly a little of (other) people’s property.. “(Al-Baqarah 2: 188)

There are various ways to earn a living, so, never resort to that which is immoral.

” O ye who believe! Eat not up your property among yourselves in vanities: but let there be amongst you traffic and trade by mutual good-will: nor kill (or destroy) yourselves: for verily Allah hath been to you Most Merciful. (29) If any (one) does that in rancour and injustice,― soon shall We cast him into the Fire: and easy it is for Allah. (30). “(An-Nisa, 4:29-30)

‘A thousand dinars ayat’ that are often displayed at Muslims restaurant are quoted from Surah At-Thalaq, verses 2-3.

“… . And for those who fear Allah, He (ever) prepares a way out (2) And He provides for him from (sources) he never could imagine. And if anyone puts his trust in Allah, sufficient is (Allah) for him. For Allah will surely accomplish His purpose: verily, for all things has Allah appointed a due proportion. (3) …”

Our worldly life is only temporary which can be likened to as a passing traveler on the journey to an eternal destination. So, as a traveler, pat your chest, and ask the heart, how much treasure is to be gained in this world and how do you get it?

Just like the ‘Monopoly’ game, racing around the board to collect properties and lands, while trying to bancrupt our competitors. However, if we win, and the game ends, what happens? All the treasures that we have collected will be recalled, and put back into the box, which in turn will be chased by next group of people playing the same game!

From Abu Hurairah r.a., he said, Rasullullah SAW said:

“… a servant said, ‘My wealth My wealth! ‘But his real wealth is of three kinds:

  1. Which he consumes and runs out
  2. Which he wears and tears; and
  3. Which he gave away in charity then stored (for the hereafter). Apart from these three kinds disappeared or left behind for others.

* yeah, now maybe the ‘Monopoly’ game analogy might seem more palatable.

In Islamic financial planning, the core concept is Allah SWT is the absolute owner of all wealth while we humans are only a ‘trustee’, and the trustees will all be held accountable by the trust they bear. As a matter of fact, as a trustee, we can neither spend it too freely nor too stingily to give away in charity. Because in both situation, we surely be one to lose.

In our daily quest to earn our income, just remember that Allah SWT has already promised that, every soul living, has his sustenance already determined as long as he lives. Therefore, we need to work, and work hard at that, and trust in Allah for the best outcome.



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