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5-Step (T.H.I.N.K) Approach to Resilience

Definition: One’s ability to adapt, recover and become stronger after going through difficult situations.

The 5-steps approach to develop resilience could easily be referred to T.H.I.N.K

T – Take Control

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Take control of managing changes in life. And also take responsibility for all the things that went wrong. By doing so, we should be able to acknowledge our mistakes and this will prompt us to change our ways. Stop putting the blame on everyone else.

How to develop ‘take control’ abilities

  1. Reflect
  2. Replace
  3. Re-look
  4. Focus
  5. Change


H – Hopeful outlook

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Maintain the focus on positive outcomes rather than be overwhelmed by the problem.

How to maintain a ‘hopeful outlook’

  1. Positive outcome – expect positive outcome despite the difficulties
  2. Positive mindset – this will improve our quality of life
  3. positive self-image – this has very strong impact on our happiness and outlook.
  4. Spiritual practice – through prayer, meditation or by reading motivational books (whichever works for you)

I – Informed decision, timely action


Make informed decisions and act timely in dealing with challenges

How to maintain a Informed decision, timely action

  1. Get the right information – about the situation weigh in on the possible outcomes before deciding
  2. Recognize and manage the blockers – that prevent decisive actions
  3. Make a decision that is a balance – between our emotions and rational thinking. (i.e. don’t make decision when you’re angry and promises when you’re happy)
  4. Act timely and appropriately – to move forward.

N – Nurture yourself and your network

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Improve your performance, achievements and resilience by having a positive view of yourself and making connections with others (networking).


K – Know your goals, strive for success.

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Know what you want to achieve , focus on your efforts and celebrate your success.

  • By setting clearly defined goals, we will have a purpose for the things we do.
  • Celebrating goals achieved will boost our confidence. It helps us to recognize our own ability and competency.


  1. Set SMART goals
  2. Break into smaller daily goals
  3. Work towards goals and celebrate achievements.

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