About Time ?

Time, matter, energy, change and gravity came into existence with the Big Bang.

Whether using sundials, water clocks, pendulums, quartz crystals or atomic clocks, people strive to mark the passage of time with ever-greater accuracy.

The Coordinated Universal Time provides the standard for setting all timepieces.

Historically, people used Earth’s rotation as their master clock; they tracked it via sundials and early water clocks.

Scientists agree time doesn’t exist beyond the subjective experience of its passage.

With his theory of special relativity, Albert Einstein overturned the established Newtonian view of time as a “homogenous” entity independent of mind and locality.

Because of “neural latency,” the brain retrospectively conflates its story of “now.”

Children develop a sense of time gradually, grasping the idea of past tense at age two.

Strong emotions, socializing, drugs and even implied motion in a still image can “bend” your perception of time.

The idea that time passes more quickly as you age is just folk wisdom. At any age, time seems to pass more quickly when you’re busy and content.


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