Time Quotes

“One of the oldest debates…is whether ‘time’ is something that can be ‘perceived’ at all. Most psychologists and neuroscientists have come around to thinking that it isn’t.”

 “Time is a property of the mind.” (Augustine)

 “A clock is a thing that ticks. The tick can be almost anything as long as it’s persistent and steady: the vibrations of atoms, a swinging weight, a planet turning on its axis or orbiting the sun.”

 “Every timepiece in the world…is synchronized directly or eventually to UTC.”

 “Perfectly synchronized time evidently does exist – just not anymore and not quite yet; it is in a perpetual state of becoming.”

 “For any one of us to be on time, we must all agree on what that one time is, so that we can all be on it together, at the same time. We must be synchronized. Life is one great adaptation to the when of others.”

 “Time is a social phenomenon. This property is not incidental to time; it is its essence.”

 “The brain may not time the real world, as computers do; it may only time its own processing of that world.”

 “By bending time, the brain provides a strange but satisfying service, enhancing our sense of agency and making us seem slightly more powerful than we actually are.”

 “Time is merely our word for the movement of events and sensations through us.”

 “There are three tenses or times: the present of past things, the present of present things, and the  present of future things.” (Christian philosopher Augustine of Hippo)

 “Much of what we do in the present is done reflexively; habit is the enemy of mindful thought. Why don’t we think more about the present when we’re in it?”

 “Time doesn’t fly when you’re having fun: It’s found to have flown only once the fun is over.”



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