Month: August 2018

The 4 Key Elements Of Great Leadership

​Anyone in a management or supervisory role is a leader, but not everyone in those positions exhibits true leadership. Think of leadership as next level management. The best leaders take their expert management skills and combine them with people skills… Read More ›


The following are the major non-hydrocarbon components of natural gas and crude oil production. (1) Sulphur Compounds. Pure Sulphur and Sulphur compounds are generally present in reservoirs and are contaminants.  The main compounds are Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S), Carbonyl Sulphide (C0S),… Read More ›

Hydrocarbon Field Life Cycle

ACQUISITION PHASE Sunk cost Acquisition cost EXPLORATION PHASE G&G costs (Geological & Geophysical) Number & well cost in the effort to explore potential hydrocarbon reservoir worth exploring for development and production. Timing of exploration & appraisal costs Probability of exploration… Read More ›