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What is persuasion ?

What is persuasion? Persuasion is a process which enables you to change or reinforce others’ attitudes, opinions, or behaviors.

Persuasion can be used for

  • A single event. For example, you present a business case for a new product idea to a group of decision makers, hoping they’ll approve funding to develop the product.
  • Over time. Sometimes you’ll need to conduct a campaign that has different stages, unfolds over time, and involves the input of multiple people. In your role as manager, you’ll frequently need to convince individuals and groups of the value of your ideas and persuade them to support those ideas.

You might know the people you’re trying to persuade well, or they might be complete strangers. Or perhaps they’re acquaintances, falling somewhere in between. Whatever the case, how well you know them and they you will affect how you approach your persuasion challenge.

Finally, persuasion blends art and science:

  • Art. Persuasion requires the ability to earn trust or appear trustworthy, establish your expertise, and communicate compellingly. It is the ability to make others believe in you.
  • Science. Persuasion hinges on applying the principles of human behavior derived from a well-developed body of research, including studies about how people make decisions.

In summary persuasion, the ability to influence others.


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