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The benefits of performance appraisal

Among the benefit of performance appraisal would include

  • Boost communication between managers and employees. Reduce the communication gap and promote better working relationship. Beside, in this modern age, EI is the bigger influence on your leadership capabilities.
  • Give employees insight into how they are doing in their jobs. Insight is best given in the form of constructive feedback. Note the word, ‘constructive’, these feedback shall be given with the aim to promote personal growth and competency.
  • Increase productivity by correcting performance issues. However, this session should be frank and honest, but the issues shall be address as opportunity for growth rather than ‘ranking’ people up. Which in turn, reduced employee morale.
  • Improve morale by clarifying goals and expectations. This shall align the whole team and steer the organization in the right direction.
  • Reveal training needs for the team and department. Competency requires both experience and training. Fortunately enough one of the two can be given without too much time consumption.


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