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Your boss expectation of you

I’m sure that almost everyone at some point in their career life wondering about their bosses expectation of them. At a minimum, your boss expects you to –

  • Produce. You need to create the expected results your boss has to answer for. You can do this by achieving your team’s goals such as: reach sales targets, improve productivity, reduce costs, or meet deadlines.
  • Collaborate. You should be working with colleagues across the organization, including getting involved in cross-organizational projects, to support your boss’s and the company’s priorities.
  • Be reliable. This means fulfilling your commitments, including achieving goals on time. Basically, just get your job done.
  • Share information and ideas. Your boss counts on you to share good news, such as positive results from an experiment, as well as bad news, such as delays or mistakes in a project. He or she needs both kinds of information to make smart decisions. Your boss also wants you to share your ideas to spark innovation.
  • Resolve your team’s difficulties. You should be ready to step in if one of your direct reports falls behind with his or her commitments, if an interpersonal conflict develops, or if a crisis erupts.
  • Stay current. Pay attention to the news. What happens in the world affects what happens with your team, your company’s marketplace, and the organization’s competition. Also, know what’s going on with your organization’s customers and competitors—how they’re changing, and how technology and world events are affecting their plans.
  • Brilliant at basic. This mean that you are fully competent at your job function regardless of your age, work experience and educational background.

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