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Why you need to manage your boss?

Managing your boss matters for three main reasons:

1. Your boss plays a pivotal role in your success or failure. You rely on them to provide you with:

  • Information and guidance on your assignments and on troubleshooting problems
  • Insight into the organization’s strategy, goals, and priorities: important perspectives that can help you make wise choices about how to spend your time and energy
  • Resources essential for carrying out your responsibilities: for example, personnel, funding, office space, and equipment
  • Access to professional development opportunities: including training and industry conferences

2. You play a pivotal role in your boss’s success or failure. They rely on your work and on the work of your team to meet individual and organizational goals. This is more of a ‘shared success’ concept, your success and your boss’s success are interrelated, managing your boss is about getting the best of each other.

3. Failure to manage your boss can have negative consequences for the broader organization:

  • If you and your boss don’t have a commitment to shared goals and objectives, bottom-line results may suffer.
  • Communication breakdowns between you and your boss can lead to frustration and confusion. That, in turn, can erode morale in your team.
  • Poor morale can make it hard for people to get work done and serve customers effectively.

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