How to establish credibility

It’s a note worth taking a look at.

Credibility is the cornerstone of persuasion and negotiation. If you don’t have it, your boss may not commit time or resources to ideas you’re proposing.

Credibility can be understood like this:

Trust + Expertise = Credibility

The more trust you earn from your boss and the more expertise you accumulate, the more credible you and your ideas will become to your boss.

To earn your boss’s trust:

  • Be sincere. Demonstrate your conviction that your idea is worth your boss’s time and attention. A supervisor who sees you as sincere and committed will be more likely to trust you.
  • Follow through. Follow through on promises and commitments you’ve made to your boss. By consistently fulfilling the responsibilities you’ve taken on, you also foster your reputation for being trustworthy.
  • Welcome suggestions. Listen to your boss’s concerns. You’ll demonstrate openness to his or her perspectives.
  • Put your boss’s best interests first. When you show that you have your supervisor’s interests in mind, he or she will trust you and your ideas more.
  • Own up to your flaws. When you own up to your flaws, your boss will see you as a truthful and therefore trustworthy person. That’s because most people try to conceal their faults.
  • Open-minded attitude. Be open to constructive feedback as you go along with your daily work and show effort in addressing your weakness and feedback that you received.

To demonstrate your expertise to your boss:

  • Research your ideas. Find out everything you can about ideas you’re proposing. Talk with knowledgeable individuals. Read relevant sources. Collect pertinent data and information to support and contradict your ideas. That way, you’ll be well versed on your idea’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Get firsthand experience. Participate in cross-functional teams. You’ll gain new insights into particular markets, products, or business processes. You can then draw from this knowledge and experience in presenting ideas to your boss.
  • Cite trusted sources. Support your proposals with knowledge gained from trusted sources within or outside your organization.
  • Prove it. Launch small pilot projects to demonstrate that your ideas deserve serious consideration.

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