Barriers to building relationships

When you think about investing time and effort to cultivate relationships in your networks, maybe you:
  • Are daunted by the amount of work involved.
  • Fear that reaching out to people for networking purposes will make you look self-serving.
  • Worry that others will reject your attempts to contact them and build a relationship.
  • Assume you have little to offer if you’re new in your profession, your role, or your organization.
  • Are intimated by the thought of contacting people who have achieved high levels of success or authority
  • Are insecure about contacting people you don’t know.
  • Are concerned that if you do make new connections, you’ll be flooded with requests for advice, help, or other forms of assistance that you can’t fulfill.
  • Come from a culture that’s different from those you seek to network with, so you’re unsure of networking norms in that culture.

These concerns are all understandable. But you can overcome them. And when you do, you’ll develop a rich web of mutually beneficial connections that will help you achieve important professional and personal goals.


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