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Benefit of trust

In general, trust is something that is hard to get but easy to lose. Therefore, just like precious treasures, trust is something that we need to guard carefully.

Because without trust, organizations can’t function effectively where everyone is too busy looking out for themselves hence teamwork would not work. Trust is especially important in today’s fast-moving, innovative companies, where dispersed teams take on more and more work and trust would enable a much more efficient work flow.

However, when it come to leadership, research shows that when people trust their leaders, they –

  • Work harder and more creatively
  • Take smarter risks
  • Resolve disagreements that inevitably arise
  • Stay with the company longer

The opposite is true, too. When trust is broken or lacking, people disengage from work, let small disagreements fester, and are less loyal to the organization.

I belief that trust is a reciprocating, it means that, in order for others to trust you, you need to trust others. And never give them any reason not to trust you.


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