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Who are you as a leader?

When you are a leader, you can easily get caught up in moment-to-moment demands and day-to-day routine activities/task. On any given day, you may find yourself troubleshooting a problem, resolving a conflict, or coaching an employee or even going on a merry-go-round of pointless meetings and appointments.

Unless you take the time to identify who you are and what matters most to you, you’re likely to react to issues without thinking rather than respond to them in a thoughtful way which in the long term, reduce the value of your time and impact of your work for your organization and most importantly on yourself. You may work hard toward goals that others set, not on ones that have significance for you. Remember that it is very important to work primarily on yourself, not just to increase your value per time spent, but also to give more meaning and satisfaction on your job.

When you define your purpose, vision, and values, you articulate a set of principles that focus your efforts and guide you in making choices, interacting with others, and working toward meaningful objectives. This will ensure that you know what mean more to you and your interest and you will be able to align your interest with your organization interest, and make the best of your work-life balance.

Think of purpose, vision, and values as the why, what, and how of what you do in your role. Together, they provide a cohesive way for you to think about yourself as a leader.

When you live your leadership principles and make them visible to others, you also instill a sense of confidence in your abilities. People know what to expect from you, and they know what you expect from them in turn. Through your words and actions, you set a tone for your team and create a positive, productive environment while give more meaning and deliver more satisfaction for your daily work life.



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