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Leadership Myth #1: Leaders are born, not made

Some people believe that leadership is an innate gift, the rare talent of a charismatic few. But that’s a misconception.

Leadership relies on core skills that can be learned.

In the workplace, leaders get results not by doing everything themselves, but by creating the conditions for others to succeed through delegation, empowerment and mentoring. Leaders help set a direction for the future and provide team members with the motivation and means to reach it. Throughout the process, they support individuals and groups in fulfilling their own potential.

To accomplish these objectives, leaders rely on:

  • Self-management skills to develop a personal leadership vision, manage their own emotions, and pursue ongoing personal and professional development
  • Interpersonal skills to build people’s trust, resolve conflict, and gather honest feedback
  • Communication skills to speak and write persuasively
  • Engagement skills to inspire people and bring different groups together

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