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How to develop leadership skills

It’s never too early to start developing your leadership skills. Even if you don’t play a leadership role in your company yet, you can:

  • Ask for “stretch assignments.” Seek out challenging projects that will test your capabilities.
  • Look for mentors. Rather than focus on a single adviser, cultivate relationships with a diverse group of successful individuals in your organization. One of the suggestion that I’d taken a liking of is, find yourself 3 mentor/idol, either in your organization or outside of the organization and list down 3 of their personalities each, and ‘copy’ them. Hence, you be a mix of 3 of your beloved mentor/idol with 9 great personality traits. 
  • Take advantage of organizational resources. Learn about leadership development programs offered by your organization. Ask for sponsorship to attend local conferences or programs that build leadership skills.
  • Pursue international opportunities. An overseas assignment is often a powerful resume-builder. If that opportunity isn’t immediately available, look for other ways to gain experience. For instance, join a team involved in a project that will be launched internationally.

It’s never to early nor to late to develop your leadership skills.


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