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Establishing simple knowledge-sharing protocols

There will always be knowledge gaps even between closest of teammates. This is not due to difference in competency but rather the difference in values, initiative, effort and experience. However, these gaps can be manage easily through efficient and seamless knowledge sharing protocols.

How? Work with other member of your teams in a cooperative collaboration to arrive at rules governing when and how you shall update each other on important information, or lessons learn, or on how did you or others resolved a specific problems or even on how to troubleshoot some minor problems.

This knowledge might seems to be minor, but it could save a lot of man-hour for others from repeating the unnecessary trial and errors to achieve the similar result that you did. Hence, document this properly so that others can replicate what you have successfully done easily. And if others while going through your documents found a way to increase the efficiency of the process should have the privilege or authority to update the documents and keep the original author in the loop. Hence, this would contribute to continuous improvement effort, increase the overall business efficiency.

Ensure that the whole team agrees on the type of information you will be sharing.

For example:

  • Insights about clients you have in common
  • Problems you have solved
  • Lessons learned from mistakes

Remember to document this properly and make sure the documents is transparent to all related parties.


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