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Cultivate a positive feedback environment

In order to ensure a feedback is well received and reciprocated accordingly, a culture where cultivate should be established. Feedback works best when it’s an ongoing, accepted part of your team’s routine and should be seems as a norm for the team and personal development and growth.

To create a supportive environment for feedback, be sure to:

  • Give it often. Feedback is particularly stressful for employees when it’s a rare event. By giving it often, you signal it’s not punitive but rather it’s simply a tool your team uses to improve. And improvement of the team in general should be a daily progress, a small step daily for greatness.
  • Let someone else lead. Rather than always putting forth feedback yourself, ask your employee “What’s going well?” and “What needs to go better?” It’s likely your employee or subordinate already knows where she struggles and is less likely to be defensive if she’s the first to voice the problem. That opens up avenues for coaching and mutual problem solving.
  • Focus on what your employee can. Skills that can be learned are more easily changed than a person’s habits.
  • Provide updates. If you’ve given an employee constructive feedback on an issue, revisit it to acknowledge progress or reaffirm commitment to change. This helps keep your employees accountable and sets the tone that feedback is a process, an ongoing dialogue where both parties participate.





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