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Memorable Quotes form "The Principles"

Here is memorable quotes from ‘The Principles” by Ray Dalio from the chapter in his Life Principles.

  1. You better make sense of what happened to other people in other times and other places because if you don’t you won’t know if these things can happen to you and, if they do, you won’t know how to deal with them”.
  2. Though most everything seemed inevitable and logical in retrospect, nothing was nearly as clear in real time.
  3. I also punched my boss in the face. Not surprisingly, I was fired.
  4. I valued money less – as long as I had enough to take care of my basic needs.
  5. Meaningful work and meaningful relationship were and still are my primary goals and everything I did was for them. Making money was an incidental consequence of that.
  6. I saw that I had been an arrogant jerk who was totally confident in a totally incorrect view.
  7. I believe one of the most valuable things you can do to improve your decision making is to think through your principles for making decision, write them out in both words and computer algorithms, back-test them if possible, and use them on a real-time basis to run in parallel with your brain’s decision making.
  8. I believe that all organizations basically have two types of people: those who work to be a part of a mission, and those who work for a paycheck. I wanted to surround myself with people who needed what I needed, which was to make sense of things for myself. I spoke frankly, and I expected those around me to speak frankly. I fought for what I thought was the best, and I wanted them to do so as well. When I thought someone did something stupid, I said so and I expected them to tell me when I did something stupid. Each of us would be better for it. To me, that was what strong and productive relationships looked like. Operating any other way would be unproductive and unethical.
  9. To have real idea meritocracy, there must be transparency so that people can see things for themselves.
  10. It seems to me that life consists of three phases. In the first, we are dependent on others and we learn. In the second, others depend on us and we work. And in the third and last, when others no longer depend on us and we no longer have to work, we are free to savor life.
  11. A ‘hero’ isn’t a perfect person who always gets things right. Far from it. A hero is someone who ‘found or achieved or [did] something beyond the normal range of achievement,’ and who ‘has given his life to something bigger than himself or other than himself.’



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  1. Curious about your take on these “Principles.” Tell me and I might forget. Teach me and I might remember. Involve me and I will learn. I am not sure if a book is the right channel to use for this type of proffering. I’m not refuting his thoughts and points in the very least. But I’m just not sure what he expects writing a book about characteristics that seemingly can only be learned in real life situations.

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