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Take charge of your career

In order for your career to be fulfilling, it’s important to actively manage it, it also lead to more accountability in your life since work will be where we spend majority of our life on. Too often, people assume if they work hard, their career will unfold the way they hope. But that’s not necessarily true.

Your career requires action and attention from you.

Think of it as 90% your responsibility—and only 10% your company’s.

You need to take the lead in managing your career because:

  • Your manager juggles multiple responsibilities and priorities, and may discuss your career aspirations only at an annual performance review. And this will hardly be enough.
  • There are often many paths to career success, and your manager may not know all of your options. Its your job to chart your headings.
  • Your manager will appreciate your willingness to set goals, keep your expertise current, and ask for growth opportunities.
  • You are the best advocate for your own interests. Nobody will put your best interest ahead of their own personal interest.

Career management differs from a job search.

You might actively look for a new job at different points in your life, but career management is an ongoing process in which you:

  • Discover your interests and values
  • Cultivate new skills as your organization and industry change
  • Forge supportive relationships within and outside your company
  • Set career goals and track your accomplishments
  • Develop a “personal brand”
  • Overcome career setbacks

It is crucial to remember that, our work / job is where we spend majority of our lifespan on, so, instead of doing what we hates and dreaded the ‘Mondays’ and look forward for the ‘weekends’, you might as well look into how to have more ‘fun’ at your workplace.

If you hate your jobs, change it, as Jim Rohn said, ‘You are not a tree, you can always change’.


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