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Do you need more skills?

Don’t let a lack of skills deter you from pursuing a goal—you can acquire them through training and practice.

But before you decide to develop new skills:

  • Assess how much you need. For instance, you may need to learn to speak some Mandarin to communicate in business meetings, but spending hours trying to master the written language may not make you more effective at your job.
  • Weigh the benefits. New skill development requires time, effort, and often money. Develop the skills that interest you most or are the most transferable, no matter what direction your career takes.
  • Envision the future. Think about what skills your organization or industry will need in the future. What would make you a more attractive hire?

Consider well the trade-off between estimated time to develop new skills and the added values that the said skills will provide for your life, work and social domain.

Typical time required to develop new habits : 18 months

Typical time required to be ‘good’ at new skill : 20 hours.



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