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Why are Business Writing Skills Important?

Effective and ineffective communication have both seen to have major impacts on any organization and its performance. Communication techniques are discussed by a lot of business strategists and analysts. So whether it is from the personal career perspective, or the impression of the organization as a whole, effective and concise communication is essential to impress and grow.


As studied in the basics of communication studies, there are two type of communication, verbal and nonverbal. Some consider written communication as a third type while a few sources consider it as a category of verbal communication.  Prior to understanding written communication, let us first shed a little light on communication. Organizational communication and its importance is a subject in itself thus it is hardly something whose significance needs to be debated upon. Effective and ineffective communication have both seen to have major impacts on any organization and its performance and discussed by a lot of business strategists and analysts, most of the time, it is the criteria on which the business o personnel are valued.

So whether it is from the personal career perspective that we talk about, or the impression of the organization as a whole, effective and concise communication is essential to impress and to grow. Though verbal communication is important as well, yet written communication is characterized by most of the corporate workers as the most major role player when determining impressions as this is the communication that stays on record and the easiest to assess and judge. Whether you are a beginner in an industry or the CEO, effective written communication ability is a must have to progress and develop in any organization.

The list of organization products that are related to written communication is numerous like memos, emails, business reports etc. Here is some of the main importance.

Make Yourself Heard
When you communicate officially for professional and business use you are not using the same approach as talking to a loved one. In that case, there are sentiments and mood attached to the letter that conveys the message of love or anger or longing. However, in the case of formal business communication, it is not the case. In this aspect, the message that the document contains is significant and important. It is the key purpose of the document to convey the message, thus you need to be good at it. A well drafted document can convey the message more effectively than a haphazard letter.

It Marks You ‘In’ or ‘Out’
A letter written in an organization is similar to an assignment or a presentation delivered at student level to your instructor or teacher. As the teacher assesses you on the basis of that presentation, similarly a formal document makes sure to put in a good word for you with the boss. At some stages, it is holding such vitality that it is deciding if you’d enter or exit, like a cover letter, or a promotion request. Thus only a writer who knows what he is writing can make full use of the document in his favour.

It’s got to do the convincing for you
A business document where sometimes is just delivering a message, at others is entering the battlefield as your champion. You want it to win. Don’t you? A business document is often written to persuade or convince someone. This may be an application to grant you a leave or on other occasions to get you a raise. It may be a document to get your organization the tender or to convince the reader to buy the product from you or hire your services. In all the above mentioned cases, the document needs to persuade the reader for the subject and thus the content needs to be persuasive.

You Don’t Leave Any Details behind
Now that you are making a case in front of someone regarding your reason for communicating, make sure that apart from brief and concise, your document is also complete. Often in order to keep the document simple and related to the topic, people overlook major details that should have been a part of the document. If you propose a change in the shift timings and have a strong case to support your case, things might actually work out for you. However, if you forget to mention the empty slot, the case is not complete thus reducing your chances for the request to be granted. Hence, whenever you make a document, make sure that it includes everything from the introduction to the subject, to supporting arguments and relevant details and courtesies.

Acknowledging & appreciating
You may pat the back of any fellow colleague at work to appreciate his work, however, the influence or the significance that a written appraisal and appreciation holds cannot be assumed same as that of verbal appreciation. Letters or Certificates of appreciation and acknowledgement are the part of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) of many organizations who communicate their appreciation through such means. This can be used by individuals as well to write letter or notes of appreciation or gratitude to juniors, colleagues or seniors who helped them during the task.

A written document holds a solid stead that is more appreciated in the professional corporate world than verbal commands or statements. It is often observed that simple commands or assigning at this level are done through channels such as emails or notes to have an on record statement as well as to make it easy to remember with the deadlines marked. Thus in an as writing centered atmosphere as the corporate and business industry of today, it is essential and pivotal for any individual who wishes to thrive in this atmosphere to get his skills honed and developed when it comes to communication through written means.






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