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GearBest Honest Review

This is an honest review on my experience as online re-seller and customer for GearBest.

Well, if you googled GearBest Review, most likely review are negative and rightly so. But is it all that bad?

Among the most common reviews are which are also my own complaints and issue with the website:

(1) The tracking number / details are not updated.

shipping information

Above is a sample of the website parcel tracking page, as you can see the parcel was posted on 24th February 2018, but as 11th March 2018, the tracking is yet to be updated.

And if you were to inquire about the parcel whereabouts or tracking, most of the time this will be the respond.

shipping information.PNG

However, if you have any issue with gearbest, i personally prefer to deal with ‘Zada’. He/she seems to be the best !

Another example of tracking number never updated as you can see below, the item was  2 watches which I order for my own personal use, and i can verify that the item did arrived in 3-weeks time (although the watch did arrived with 1 Dead On Arrival (DOA) and the other dead after a few weeks). However, as you can see, shipping information has not been updated yet! Even after i already got my order.

shipping information

So, that is one of the poor aspect of Gearbest.

(2) Poor customer service.

Well, for a online shopping marketplace, poor customer service is unacceptable. As i mentioned before, if you have an issue which need dealing with customer service, pray that you got Zada at the other end. Because in my experience, other customer service officers from GearBest are not really good at their job.

I order 3 items around the last Chinese New Year and since most of the item are posted from Hong Kong or China Mainland, i expected some delay in the shipping (although the promised delivery deadline for the shipping option i chosen was between 5-7 business days, the item NEVER arrived, yes, NEVER).

So I asked for a full refund. And here is the reply i got from them.


For your information, these went on for quite some time before i fed up with their standard reply of ‘patient and kind understanding’ for which I opened a Paypal case.

(3) Items/products are advertised as in stock when you make the purchases but then was declared pending for ‘re-stocking’ when payment already made. Hence, you need to wait for the ‘re-stocking’ timeline.

If you remembered, I order 3 items during Chinese New year which never came. This is about one of them.



When i made the order, the estimated dispatch date was 4-5 Feb. Now that I already made the payment, the estimated dispatch date was ‘revised’ to 10 Feb.

Oh yes, just to remind you, the item never arrived as of this moment (11-March).

(4) Monetary loss when there’s an issue with the item, i.e. the item DOA or never arrived.

There is a case when we ordered a phone around Christmas last year and as of now we are still waiting for it. When we bring the issue up to GearBest customer service, their respond was to ‘wait patiently and contact our local national post or courier service’ .

When we contacted our local post offices, the national post office as gearbest suggested but  the post office cannot track it, the number gearbest gave me doesn’t work. As per previous case, the tracking number was not updated. Even the courier service said the item never left Shenzhen (the COO or country of origin).

The Monetary Loss: $269.

Is it all that bad?

Well, i must admit that doing business with GearBest is not always pleasant but in my opinion it is not a death sentence.

Sure their customer service sucks at best, but some of the products are really cool and the price are also very competitive.

After all these issue as i described above, did I stop doing business with GearBest? Well, not really.

But should you stop doing business with GearBest? Well, that I leave to your own best judgement.

If you still interested in doing business with GearBest, I advise caution.

  • Always opt to pay via PayPal (because you can open a paypal case if your order never arrive, or DOA). It is easier to get your money back thru a PayPal case rather than GearBest customer service. I request for refund thru customer service for almost 2-weeks and the response was always ‘to wait patiently’ and check with local courier service. But with PayPal case, my request for refund was approved in no less than 3 days.
  • Always contact them on stock availability before placing orders. Never take their stock status on the site at face value.
  • Always choose shipping option with tracking numbers (even though the number might not or most likely not going to be updated). These tracking number are your evidence for a PayPal case.

As for me, yes, most likely still going to buy from GearBest again, but with these safety net applied at all time.

Because most of the purchases are business decision, i made business decision with calculated risk. Never take risk that you cannot afford and NEVER LOSE money.

As Warren Buffett always said, rule no.1 : Never lose money, rule no.2: don’t forget rule no.1.


So, that is my experience with GearBest, what’s yours?





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