Month: January 2018

Abu Bakr – Campaigns in Syria

Campaigns in Syria The garrison at Tayma. When active operations were being undertaken in Iraq, Abu Bakr stationed a garrison at Tayma to the east of Tabuk to protect the border against any attack by the Byzantines from Syria. The… Read More ›

Abu Bakr – Dhat-ul-Salasil

Raid on Dhat-ul-Salasil. In 631 C.E. the Holy Prophet sent a party under Amr b Al-A’s to conduct a raid on Dhat-ul-Salasil, the country of Banu ‘Adhra on the Syrian border. When Amr came to Salasil he felt that the… Read More ›

Abu Bakr as Amir-ul-Haj

The first Amir-ul-Haj. In 631 C.E., the Holy Prophet sent from Madina a delegation of three hundred Muslims to perform the Haj according to the new Islamic way. Abu Bakr was appointed as the leader of the delegates. Abu Bakr… Read More ›

Treaty of Hudaibiya

Journey to Makkah. Early in 628 C.E. the Holy Prophet along with his companions including Abu Bakr started for Makkah with a view to performing the Haj. When the Quraish of Makkah came to know that the Muslims were coming… Read More ›

Abu Bakr – Battle of the Ditch

Combined opposition of the Quraish and other hostile tribes. In 627 C.E. the Muslims had to face the combined opposition of the Quraish and other tribes. The Quraish and their allies mustered a force ten thousand strong and marched to… Read More ›

Ordeal of Falsehood

In 628 C.E. the jealousy of vested interests against Ayesha culminated in what came to be known as the ‘ordeal of falsehood.’ Ayesha had accompanied the Holy Prophet on the expedition against Banu al-Mustaliq. On the way back the army… Read More ›

Abu Bakr – Battle of Khyber

The Jews. After having been driven away from Madina the Jews settled at Khyber The Jews were a cunning and crafty people, and they involved themselves in intrigues against the Muslims. The pact of Hudaibiya brought for the Muslims truce… Read More ›

Abu Bakr and Finhas the Jew

The Jews of Madina. In Madina there was a considerable number of Jews. They were wealthy, controlled the trade, and commanded great influence. The Holy Prophet followed the policy of ‘live and let live’. He accordingly entered into a treaty… Read More ›

Abu Bakr – Life at Madina

Quba. When the Holy Prophet and Abu Bakr reached in the neighborhood of Madina their first stop was at Quba, a suburb of Madina. As they arrived at Quba the people crowded round them. As the people had not seen… Read More ›

The Road to Yathrib

Abu Bakr – Migration to Madina The party. The party that book the road to Yathrib consisted of four persons. The Holy Prophet and the guide Abdullah b. Ariqat rode on one camel. Abu Bakr and his servant Ibn Fuhayra… Read More ›

Second of the two

Abu Bakr – Migration to Madina Hijrah. In 622 C.E. at the invitation of the people of Yathrib, it was decided by the Holy Prophet that the Muslims should migrate from Makkah to Yathrib. In the name of religion the… Read More ›