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Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook (Book Review)


As for social media marketing is concerned, this book is definitely the best that i’ve read so far.

I just love Gary Vee.

So here’s what i learned from the book for my notes, and just maybe, you my beloved readers could also learnt something from it.

  • Social media marketing is difficult and takes “time and effort.” Like almost everything else worthwhile will take time and effort.
  • Content marketing is suffering because business owners and markets neither “believe in nor understand social media.” Gary Vee keeps on repeating himself that the content must be native to the social media.
  • “Jab” your customers with lighthearted messages, then deliver a “right hook” that persuades them to buy. ‘Jab’ here usually refer to ‘give’ something worthwhile away without obvious right hook right-away. I believe it is more to trust building between your brand and your prospective customers.
  • To reach people “while they consume their entertainment,” you must “actually be their entertainment.” Here, where the social media content your put on your social media must be native to the said platform, NEVER SPAM !
  • “Each platform is unique and requires a unique formula.” – Simple slogan which focus on the importance of content being native to the said platform.
  • When you broadcast messages people want to see and share, you “increase the reach of your content.” Because, Gary Vee mentioned that, out of the total fans on your FB page, only 0.2% of them actually see your new post. Hence, why your FB adds campaign could be targeted to your page fans. I did not know that before.
  • You do not have to rent media or hire “separate media companies” to promulgate your brand messages. But effort and time is necessary.
  • Tell stories that align to each platform and that are true to your brand. The key words here is true to your brand. For example, i sell watches here on warby.parker.watches , i should not post a status on sweater.


“The Perfect Right Hook”

What works on one social media might or will not work on the next social media. The perfect right hook has three qualities:

“While certain platforms may be more natural fits for certain types of brands, the only limit to what your brand can accomplish is your own creativity.”

  1. Its call to action is clear, so customers understand it quickly and easily.
  2. Its designers created it to work on all mobile technology and digital devices.
  3. It “respects the nuances” of each particular social media platform.

“A great marketing story is one that sells stuff. It creates an emotion that makes consumers want to do what you ask them to do.”

“Native Content”

Native content is advertising that looks exactly like all the other content on a platform, and not like advertising at all. You shouldn’t be able to distinguish it from other content. It should never look like a promotion. Don’t worry if this seems too subtle – it’s not. Customers on social media will stop interacting with sales messages immediately, the same reason why you don’t like salesman following you around the store, it just simply not comfortable. Effective native content tells a story that builds customer interactions, the reason why social media is called social media, interaction.

“Marketers…divide their campaigns into three categories – traditional, digital and social.”

Never Interrupt or Push

Mimic the platform experience. Don’t push for a sale (right hook) immediately. Let your content plant a seed, and be patient, focus on giving first before actually asking for a sale. Advertising master Leo Burnett offered priceless advice about evocative content: “Make it simple; make it memorable; make it inviting to look at; make it fun to read.” But before you can follow Burnett’s dictum, you need to find out what your audience wants and values.

“Smart, native social media try to enhance the consumer’s interaction with a platform, not distract him from it.”

If your customers are active on social networks, they care about other people. If they play games and listen to music, they seek distraction. If they use maps or exercise programs, they “value service.” Address a value and insert a jab. Poking your customers with native content makes them appreciate the experience you’re sharing. They won’t know right away that they’ve been jabbed. Ideally, they’ll stay engaged and admire your subtlety.
Well, that’s it for now. The book offers a lot more details on specific social media. Maybe someday i’ll share more.
You can get a copy >>here<< from kinokuniya.


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