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How to Increase Your Sales

1. When you want something, keep asking until you find a way to make it happen.

Often you will have to change approach, change your message, but eventually if what you are doing has value, you will find an audience. Is your “why” big enough to pursue when faced with rejection and lack of support, even by your father? (or best friend, or partner, or colleagues?)

Until you ask for the change, that change will never happen. Once you ask, then you can get the commitment and provide the path forward because the path will only show itself to those who seek it.

2. Nothing beats action, nothing beats doing the work.

Your clients aren’t going to come running to you unless you first build a system and reason for them to do so.

While tools, software, systems, and process might create shortcuts or needed hacks, they are not substitutes for effort and action. The only way to get work done is to do it. People respect effort and dedication. You always find better results when you are willing to do more. My daughter wanted to sell, so she put in the work.

When being sold to now, I always notice those who go the extra mile. Working with clients and partners, you want to be with people who do the work and then do more. Make sure it is you that is getting noticed by your clients and your sales will increase.

Put in the effort, and if you are good enough, the market will notice you and your brand. The key thing is, take action to be good enough for the market to notice you.

3. When you sell something, just go to where the people are, and give them what they want.

For some reason sporting events make people want to eat. She knew that and went to where hungry people were congregated and gave them what they wanted.

No matter how good your product or service is, you cannot sell it to clients who do not exist. If you are not near them (physically or virtually), they do not exist and neither do you. Specifically, you can only sell to those who you spend time around. And once you spend enough time with them, you will know exactly what they want.

From experience selling complex solutions, often customers don’t know what they want. They don’t know what they need. That is the role of a professional sales person, to help them get to where they want to go, even if they do not know where that is at the start of the journey.

Those who sell always find ways to help. Those who sell can develop ways to create value for others. Always seek to understand your customer and provide them with the best solution for the current problem, if there is no problem, help them to find a way to improve their current situation and circumstances.


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