Get Control of Your Life Now

Time is the most precious resource but it slips away and we don’t even realize it. Time flows with the same pace but it’s us who are caught up in our busy lives. It’s just when we take our eyes off from our computer that we realize the day has passed. Even with the advancement in technology, no machine has been created that can stop time so it has to pass. Therefore you yourself need to keep a check where your time goes.

Following are the steps that can help you realize where and how you are spending your time and how you can manage everything:

Where do you see yourself professionally or personally?

For this, you need to dig deep and ask yourself this question by picturing all your efforts for the future. You need not to think up to five years, just imagine yourself for the next year. You may aim low due to less time limit but one year goal gives a greater sense of achievability. Set your sight clearly on your goals.

What small steps can be taken to reach your goal?

It’s just a year you are thinking about so you need to decide what small steps will take you there. If you find yourself paralyzed with indecision then imagine yourself in future and think where you would like to see yourself. Close your eyes and picture yourself doing the work you like but have not mastered yet. Then come back to reality and figure out what things you need to learn to master that ability. Train and mentor in those areas throughout the year. Breaking bigger goals into smaller ones will help you reach faster and in a better way.

How your time is being utilized?

It is necessary for everyone to do some kind of a job in order to survive. This full-time job does not allow us to pursue our passions, therefore, set aside proper timings for doing what you like. Use the time intentionally and this will help you to get closer to your goal.

You need to have a well-balanced life in order to propel yourself towards success. You need a change in your life from time to time but that should be aligned with your bigger goals.


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