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Three Skills to excel in life

The term soft skill does not exactly emit the feeling of something high priority so these skills don’t get the respect they actually need. Ironically, soft skills never meant to be easy or less importance. With the passage of time the perception has become as such they lag behind the hard skills. Therefore our sole focus nowadays is on hard skills.

But soft skills do make a difference when it comes to landing your dream job or settling for a role you don’t have. According to a study by Harvard University around 80% of the achievements are determined by soft skills in a career whereas only 20% come through hard skills. Following are three underrated soft skills that can help you in any field or career you chose:


Focus is an extremely valuable skill as it allows you to be more productive than usual. Focus is something that lets you stand out among the rest and maximizes the use of your skills and talents by bringing more satisfaction to yourself.

Focus is also the main factor which both Bill Gates and Warren Buffet attribute the success to. Hence, never underestimate the power and importance of focus in life.

Listen to criticism:

Listening to criticism is another very important skill. You should have the ability to listen about your own work. You cannot be defensive about your work as it will not help you grow. Develop the habit of listening attentively and incorporate the feedback in your working.

Criticism, especially constructive feedback are very valuable in highlighting an area in your work life or personal life, which can be further improve. Therefore, criticism, is also one of the avenue for you to recognize and improve !


You need to be planned for your work. It’s hard to know how much the future tasks will take your time, therefore, you need to set aside blocks of time strictly for unexpected items. This will help you to meet deadlines even if you come across unanticipated events.

Accountability is a required quality of a great leader , if you aspire to be one, you need to learn to be accountable for all the decision that you made.

Besides, the only way to move forward in life, without blaming others and stay in focus is by being accountable. Meaning, know that, everything that happen in your life is because of the action and decision that you made ! So, by default, you are also the one whom in control, the ultimate power that we have in life is in our DECISION, in our CHOICES.




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