Advice to the Strangers

Verily all praise belongs to Allah, we praise Him, seek His Aid and His Forgiveness. Whomsoever Allah guides there is none to misguide and whomsoever Allah misguides there is none to guide. I testify that there is none deserving of worship except Allah alone without any partners and I testify that Muhammad sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam is His servant and His Messenger.

Allah the Exalted said in His Mighty Book:

“Know that the life of this world is nothing but play and amusement, glitter, mutual boasting and rivalry amongst yourselves in (the accumulation of) wealth and children. Just like the example of the rain and the growth it brings which brings delight to the tillers. Then it withers and you see it become yellow. Then it dries and crumbles away. But in the hereafter there is an intense punishment as well as forgiveness from Allah and His good pleasure. And this life is nothing but a deceiving entertainment. Be foremost in seeking forgiveness from your Lord and a garden whose width is as the width of the heavens and the earth, prepared for those who believe in Allah and His Messengers. That is the bounty of Allah and He gives His bounty to whomsoever He pleases, and Allah is the Possessor of great bounty and grace.”

Jarir ibn Abdullah radiallahu ‘anhu said, “We gave the pledge of allegiance to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam for establishing prayer, giving the zakah and giving advice to every Muslim.”

Among the advice that i would love to share to all:-

(1) Be eager in reading repetitively, seeking to understand it and let your concern become knowledge. acting upon this knowledge out of sincerity and following the Prophet Muhammad (for muslim) and any worthy role-model of high moral standard (for my non-muslim brothers and sisters). Reading would save you a lot of time, a single book might save you 5 years of trials and errors if not more, for example, you want to know how to market your product, you might have a few decision, (1) try and error to see what works and what doesn’t work; (2) read a book by those whom try and error to see what works and what doesn’t work for extensive period of time or (3) hire someone else. Therefore, always seek to add more value to your 24-hours day, READ!

(2) Know that the world is not fair. Yes, the world is not fair. However, remember that every hurdles and trials you faced are opportunities for you to grow as a person and add value to yourself.

(3) Always seek to contribute to the world, contribute to more than yourself. The secrets of life is in giving. Giving has an awesome effect on your mind and perspective, not to mentioned what is does to your spirituality. Be the stranger that care.

(4) You can have more than what you currently have because you can be more than what you currently are. Therefore, always work harder on improving yourself than on your job. Because the main key for your better future is YOU.

Muhamad Aarif is the founder & CEO of and Warby.Parker.Watch. He is an international watch reseller, and author dedicated to boosting personal growth and contribute to the betterment of the world we live today.




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