Philosophy of Leadership From Solah

This is my perspective on philosophy of leadership than we can learn from solah.

It is my believe that solah have been designed to teach us how to behave outside of solah itself.

1.  Piety, Virtue and knowlegde

An imam must be of the best character, piety and righteous. He must have greater knowledge of Islam, especially of the Quran than others.  The same goes to the concept of leadership. The leader must be the one with the most knowledge in the subject or areas of which he is task to lead.

A simple analogy would be as those of a group of people in the midst of midnight with a single torch. The one with the torch is the leader, because in the situation he or she is the only one with the tools or means to navigate the whole group of people in the blinding darkness of the night. In this analogy, the torch is the knowledge while the group of people is those whom being lead.

2.  Majority Representation of The Group

An Imam should be likened and respected by the majority of the congregation. None should lead the prayers against their wishes.  This is another important principle in electing a leader.

Majority counts, the elected leader with higher majority supporter should be able to lead the group better especially with the over whelming support of the group majority.

3.  Sympathy and Compassion

An Imam should lead the congregation in prayer in such a way that no trouble is caused even to the old in the congregation. He should not make lengthy rukuk and sujud which may suit only the young, strong and healthy. Thus a leader should be the ones who took care of all and not only the chosen ones.

A leader who is successful is a leader who care. Besides, a true leader is the one whom made the cautious effort to take care of those around him, not because of the ranking or position the leader hold, but rather because of the believe that those whom he care about would do the same for him or her.

4.  Vacating Office

If an Imam meets with an accident while leading a prayer, he must immediately hand over his office to the man behind him. This means in a leadership, if one is not able to perform his duties he should resign and hand over to a better person.

A leader should always be able to lead and nurture future generation well. A true leaders don’t create mere followers, they create more leaders.

5.  Obedience to Leaders

The actions of an Imam should strictly be followed. To make a move before an Imam is strictly prohibited.  Thus in a notion, citizen must obey their rulers as long as they did not make any wrongdoings.

Yet the point is too important not to re-emphasized. We must follow our leaders as long as they did not make any wrongdoings.

6.  Criticizing and Correcting Mistakes

An Imam may make a mistake during solat, Such errors should be pointed out by using the phrase “ Subhanallah” . Thus warned, the Imam should correct himself. If  the Imam refused to be corrected, it up to the congregation to confront him and ask for an explanation and demand him to conduct  a fresh solat. The same goes to the citizens, they have a right to correct their leaders.

Yes, make sure to stand firm with the right things to do.

7.  No Obedience in Sin and wrongdoings

If the Imam makes a serious mistake in solah, such as  he changes the methods in solah, the members must immediately break away from the congregation and discontinue the solah.  The  same goes in leadership, if the leaders are incompetent and make decisions  or indulges in acts outside the norms the citizens must stop following him and find a new leader.


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