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5 Things to Remember In Times of Hardship


(1 ) It won’t last forever. Forever is for akhirah (afterlife), not this Dunya (worldly life). So, don’t lose hope.

(2) Make the trial and tribulation a means for you to come closer to Allah. Pray more, do more random acts of kindness. Because a hardship that draws you closer to Allah is a blessing, not a punishment.

(3) Give more in charity. Charity is one of the quickest ways to relieve people from hardship.

(4) Repent: Isthighfar has the power to lead you out of hardship into ease. So, keep your tongue moist with asthagfirullah.

(5) Pray ! Hold onto pray no matter how tough life gets because it is your ultimate lifeline to the One who can remove any kind of hardship and pain away from you.


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