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Practice Make Perfect Fallacy

Credit – foundr

We need to acknowlegde that practice only does not lead to perfection…  But perfect practice is.. 

Remember to alternate your mind between your performance zone and your practice or learning zone.  Both zone require different mindset, approach and outlook. 

During your performance zone time, do your absolute best to  execute your task to perfection and record what is the require improvement.  

Then,  once your in your learning zone,  focus on your analysis of your performance and what is the step to be taken to drastically improve your ability while you in your performance zone. Your training and learning need to have FOCUSED EXECUTION!  Don’t waste your time training for something that you already good at and don’t actually need to get better at. 


There a reason Pareto said,  80% of the result is due to 20% of the effort. 

focus on that 20% first,  then destroy the next 80%.


Growth, islam




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