So what is that one cursed sentence that makes you a boring person?

“I don’t mind”

Have you ever been dumped because the person you were trying to do so much for and be nice to all the time, thought of you to be boring? It must have hurt and ached to have been quit on by the one you loved, all because you were trying your very best to be the nicest thing since sliced bread. Well guess what, being ‘nice’ all the time is overrated and makes you a boring person. That is probably the root cause of one of the most common cliche of all, GIRLS LIKE BAD BOYS, bad boys are unpredictable and lively. But then, we are not recommending anyone to go BAD!.


Being ‘nice’ doesn’t mean going with the flow all the time!

 What is it about you that others find attractive? And here, by “attractive” we do not mean only romantically – there have to be some engaging qualities in you that make people likes you, that make they want to be your friend, to hire you, to be like you and of course, to like and love you. These qualities are what make you unique and interesting. Plus, we are living in an era of distraction, we get distracted almost every second, by Facebook, twitter, Instagram and a million of other things. Therefore, it is important to be “attractive”. Good news is, you don’t have to be good looking to be attractive, you have to be you.

 People might like you for your conversation skills, shared interests and hobbies, and because you are all heart. However, being a caring person has got nothing to do with not having a voice of your own. If you are the kind of person who thinks that a relationship only works when you go with the flow, and you ignore you own thoughts and likes to do so – then you are heading down the road to bitter breakup and will be a labeled a boring person. [1]   Nobody likes a boring person, that is the reason why we have a multi-billion dollar industry focused on killing BOREDOM that is the entertainment industry.

 An ‘I don’t mind’ attitude tells the other person that you have no mind of you own.

 Imagine someone asking you, what’s the best option for dinner? You shrug and indicate that the other person can go ahead and choose; you are all right with anything. As a onetime scenario this is fine, but if this is an oft repeated scene in the drama that is your life – then your ‘I don’t mind” attitude is making you one boring person. [2]

 In a relationship, it’s good to disagree every now and then. It’s even okay to have a few fights and then agree to disagree. Nodding your head to everything, being a yes man or woman and portraying yourself as someone who is okay with just anything and everything the other party wants is just dull. Being nice all the time takes the fun out of any relationship – be it as friends or romantically. And it makes you a boring person.

 Being a “YES-MAN” makes for unhealthy relationships.

 How can one be okay with everything? The answer is, no one can. However, in a bid to be nice or rather to be thought of as nice, you may be stifling your wishes and dreams and going with the flow. It may be to keep your significant other happy, or trying to be just another cog in a well-oiled machine at your workplace. Whatever be the reasons or the situation, the ‘I’m okay with anything’ attitude of yours will not get you far.

 Firstly, the person or parties that you are doing this for, may start resenting you for not having the courage or conviction to make your own decisions, in any most company, decisiveness is a highly valuable  trait if you want to climb higher in the corporate ladder. You will be perceived as a pushover and this projected niceness of yours will not earn you any brownie points but rather makes you a valuable errant boy.

 Secondly, if you are deliberately being fine with anything and everything, after a while this act of yours may start to wear you down and the very relationship that you are trying to strengthen with this niceness, will sour even for you! [3]

Take charge every once in a while.

 The solution to this is to get up and take charge every once in while. The next time anyone asks for your opinion, politely give it but don’t act like a know it all person, nobody likes a know it all! The next time you have the urge to say no, say it. The next time you feel like standing out like a sore thumb, do it!

 Be a nice person, but also be your own person, BE A BETTER YOU!.

 By being you, you will most definitely attract your very own “special one” whom will love you just as you are.


[1]Psychology Today: 5 Signs You Are Trying Too Hard To Please Everyone

[2]Tiny Buddha: How To Stop Saying Yes When You Want To Say No

[3] Bustle: 9 Signs Of An Unhealthy Relationship That Are Easy To Miss Because They Can Happen To Anyone


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