Network Marketing – How To Be A Good Sponsor (part 1)

How many times have you been approached by someone who wants to get you on a three way phone call? Better yet how about the person who wants to tell you about a great system they are using that will show you how to get hundreds of leads daily to your network marketing business? Unfortunately you may have just come across anetwork marketing recruiter. These folks are very quick to tell you how great their compensation plan.

They will also tell you in their 20 years in network marketing they have never seen any comp plan compare to it. They will even tell you that timing is everything. They will fill your head that you are in the right place at the right time and your prayers have been answered.

The problem is that network marketing recruiters know exactly what hot buttons to hit to tap into your emotions. These people are pushy. Have you ever tried to say no to something only to have the salesperson keep asking you and then they try and make you feel bad because you are saying no. You know the jerks I am talking about.  These people don’t care if your behind on your bills. Their only focus is to get you into a buying decision.

Network Marketing Isn’t All Bad

There are many benefits to being an independent distributor. You have tax benefits for owning your own business. You can set your own hours of work. You income is only limited by your own efforts.  In the network marketing industry you will earn what you are worth guaranteed. To some this is a great thing, to others not so good.  The thing is most people who join a MLM join because they think they are going to get rich quick.

They think that if they just do xyz the money is just going to materialize right before their eyes.. Even worse they think that their *sponsor is going to do it for them.  The one and only reason why these folks think this way is because they just got suckered by the professional recruiter. Then after the smoke clears and they realize that there sponsor is no where to be found. They quickly tell the world how network marketing is a scam. This happens every single day of the week.


Ever hear the saying if you want something done right you have to do it yourself? This applies to building a strong network marketing team. You are the example the person that joined your business has. To often you join a business and never hear from the person that brought you into the biz.

A good sponsor is a person who loves to teach and help others. If you want to see true residual income in your network marketing businesses you need to attract other people who are interested in network marketing.

You are not looking for new customers. You are looking for other folks who want to start a home based business. It is these “Home Business Folks” that you have to mentor on ways to build their business.

I am a big fan of Internet Network Marketing. To make money online requires that you learn how to market like Internet Marketers do. The reason why so many people fail in the network marketing industry online is because they end up getting recruited and not sponsored.  A good sponsor knows that they build their business 1 person at a time.

Network Marketing Recruiters SUCK!

The best way to learn how to be a good sponsor is to find someone to sponsor you. Once you have a good teacher, pay attention to what they are teaching you.  You will start to make money online in your business once you know what you are doing.

Many people make the mistake of thinking first the money will come then they can learn how to be an expert. Unless you are actively pursuing your education you will end doing one of two things.

1. Spending way more money than you have too. (Been there done that!)

2. Simply give up defeated, broken and angry.

So do yourself a huge favor and learn how to be a good sponsor.  The better sponsor you are the more money you can make. Don’t rely on systems to get you better. A good sponsor will spend time on the phone with you, reply quickly through email response etc..

To be continued…



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