Essential Tools for Studying Productively (Part 2)

We began this series on the essentials for studying productively (part 1), and now that you’ve discovered your motive for studying – here are some rules to abide by:

During classes:


Do not skip classes:

There is a reason why we have teachers. Their explanations and interactions make it easier for us to understand, and often those suffice for passing with a good grade. Moreover, class assignments help to put our knowledge into implementation. Class attendance may also carry bonus marks.

Follow the class instructions strictly:

The rules are there to ensure a smooth conduct of classes therefore it doesn’t help if you spend half the year not knowing what the rules and regulations are!

Do not be a back-bencher:

Back seats are usually occupied by those who have absolutely no interest in the class. They sit there so that they can avoid interactions with the teacher or avoid being caught doing something which is not allowed in class, such as sleeping, studying for another course, playing games on their phone, talking, etc. Therefore, try to sit somewhere in the first two rows. This is also good for hearing the teachers loud and clear, it might even keep you from being distracted.


Pay attention to the teacher:

Seems like a simple lesson, yet many find it hard to learn. It is ill-mannered and even regarded as disrespectful to either interrupt the teacher or to talk to others while he/she is teaching. Therefore, maintain silence and order in class.

Take down notes properly:

Jot down the important points and do not worry about punctuation, grammar, etc. You can even write in symbols or abbreviations which you understand (there are many students who later forget what those symbols or shortened forms mean!). Never write down complete sentences, because then, you will be missing other points. Therefore, keep up with the pace of the lecture.

Participate: asking and answering questions:

I was always taught that the best students are those who enquire with their minds, and this is evident through questions you ask. Wait your turn for asking questions and make a real attempt to engage. Also, be precise with your questions – it’s difficult to get a response if the question is vague. Answering questions ensures that you have understood the lessons and sometimes class participation carries bonus marks.

Maintain good relations with teachers:

Often we are taught strict boundaries between teacher and student relations, however interaction is encouraged to ensure students gain the utmost from learning. I often made a effort at school to talk to teachers beyond classroom hours, you can talk to them after class or visit them at their offices. When the teachers see your determination in getting a good grade, they often give you valuable feedback to pull up your grades. Moreover, if you have any problems related to the lessons and want the teachers to give you focused attention, it is best to consult them at their offices or after the class. Many teachers are able to explain in a better manner when there are fewer students.

Make new friends/peers:

You may already have your crew and group of friends to hand out with, but this is not only good for your education, but also for accumulating good deeds in terms of behaving well with others, representing Islam positively, and calling others to Islam. Furthermore, it will ensure a healthy study environment for exam times, exchange of ideas, and co-operation during group assignments and presentations as well as develop interpersonal skills.

Notify absentees about what they missed:

It is also good practice to show your concern for others by asking the reason behind their absence. If you are absent, do not wait for others to notify you of the missed lessons (because everyone may not have noticed your absence). Contact others and gather what you have missed. It is wise to contact two or three people, because one person may have missed out certain class announcements and if you’re lucky they’ll share the notes from the class with you!

So those are the rules to stick by to ensure productive study, in the meantime consider how you’ll implement the above.

To be continued insha’Allah..

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