Law of Attraction Golden Rule: Mind Your Own Business

By Sonia Miller

Among the many distortions out there about the Law of Attraction is that it breeds selfishness, materialism and irresponsibility. And, yes, there is no question that without correct thinking or the appropriate context, the body of knowledge known as the Law of Attraction can perpetuate false ideas and extremism… in the same way as happens with EVERYTHING that engenders opinions and passion (i.e. religion, politics, causes…)

And so, read on at your own risk. For I am about to talk about the metaphysical practice of “minding your own business.” Taken out of context one may judge this harshly in any number of ways. However, correctly understood, the practice of minding one’s own business can not only be personally liberating, but it can foster peace in relationships and in the world, and can be a creative catalyst for the betterment of society.

The Problem:

Most people walk around thinking that in order to feel better and to solve problems they must CHANGE the people, situations, opinions and circumstances around them. Wrong. From a Law of Attraction perspective nothing outside of us creates or perpetuates the problems. The only thing that creates your reality is your consciousness. So, if you put a lot of energy into changing your external world, you are telling the Universe the following:

a) My well-being is contingent upon external circumstances.
b) The Source of my well-being is outside of me.
c) John Doe is the cause of all of my problems.
d) I will remain unhappy until things change.

Because like attracts like, your BELIEF in all of this, will make it so. Consequently, you will remain a victim to circumstance until circumstances change. This is bad news. But worse is that nothing will change as long as your attention is on all that is wrong. Since like attracts like, if you focus on wrongness, you get more wrongness. A no-win situation wouldn’t you say?

The Solution:

When you take your nose out of everyone else’s business, and mind your own business, you’ve essentially broken out of your self-imposed prison of victim-hood. What does it mean to mind your own business? It means that you take that finger you were pointing outwardly and point it back at yourself with a single-minded intention to cultivate and nurture a mind-set of openness, receptivity, willingness and possibility. THAT is YOUR business. And THAT is where ALL of your power lies. Here are some tips to help you mind your own business:

When your external world feels negative, scary and overpowering…
contemplate the TRUE nature of Source Energy. Source is everywhere present and infinite in goodness, love, well-being and abundance, beyond human understanding. Make it your top priority to study and immerse yourself in this concept.

When you find yourself judging a person or situation negatively… 
say to yourself, “I suspend judgment. It is what it is. It is not good. It is not bad. It simply is. And I remain open to the Infinite Good that is present right here and now.”

When your beliefs have you convinced that there is no other way…
surrender your limiting beliefs to the highest good through willingness and choice. Say to yourself, “It may or may not be true that this bad economy makes finding a job difficult, but I CHOOSE to believe I can find a job easily.” “It may or may not be true that this bully has power over me, but I’m willing to remember, that Source is my ONLY Source, and this person has zero influence over my experience.”

As you practice letting other people, places and situations off the hook, and remember that your creative mind has ultimate power over that which you allow into your life, THEN you are free! Release the desire to mind other people’s business. You have little power there. Mind your own business instead and watch your power to change your own reality, as well as that of others, unfold in ways you never imagined!


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